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Raute  Rheingold 
Tania van het Wintershof  Codex  Carthago 
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Dolce-Vita Biolley

°2003 | merrie | vos | 169cm | BWP

Dolce-Vita Biolley was born at Biolley Horses Stables in 2003. She was one of our first foals from top mare Tania Van Het Wintershof. Dolce-Vita Biolley is by Florestan I. This stallion is the all-embracing number one stallion at the NRW State Stud Warendorf, well known for his hereditary transmission, especially of temperament and character. Over more than 80 sons have been licensed; think about Fürst Heinrich, Fidermark, Florencio, French Kiss and many more. 190 of his mares awarded State Premium and 1620 offspring are registered as competition horses.

Dolce Vita Biolley possesses an incredibly good character that she inherited from Florestan I as a top hindquarter that she got from her mother Tania Van Het Wintershof. She is undoubtedly the best broodmare we have at Biolley Horses with her incredible, expressive and off the ground paces which makes her so special. 

Record of Achievement

Dolce Vita Biolley got the recommended dressage label from the Studbook SBS.
Two-Year-Old Champion in 2005 at Ghlin - Belgium for model and gaits.
Three-Year-Old Champion in 2006 at Ghlin - Belgium for model and gaits.
Three-Year-Old Champion in 2006 at Broechem - Belgium for model and gaits.
Champion at Dressage competitions level A with 74,11% in 2008/2009.


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