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Tania van het Wintershof

°1996 | merrie | vos | 165cm | BWP

Tania Van Het Wintershof is Biolley Horses’ first mare and the only mare ever bought. She arrived at Biolley Horses’ Stud in 1999 at the age of 3. Since that time she gave already 11 foals among which the approved stallion CHARIVARI BIOLLEY (Argentinus) and approved grandson’s BAILAMOS BIOLLEY (Sir Donnerhall I), INDIGO BLUE BIOLLEY (Chacco Blue), CHACCO ME BIOLLEY (Chacco Blue) and THORGAL BIOLLEY (Totilas). 

With the fantastic results of her children and grandchildren we are able to affirm she gives top products as well in jumping as in dressage.

Tania Van Het Wintershof got the recommended dressage label from SBS and the exterior label from BWP. In 2009, she became 3rd at breeding shows and she won the mares competition with her three daughters: BELLISIMA BIOLLEY (Argentinus), DOLCE VITA BIOLLEY (Florestan I) and FELICISSIMA BIOLLEY (Argentinus).

Tania Van Het Wintershof possesses a fantastic character and intelligence. She’s extremely supple in her body with an extraordinary back hind, which she gives to all her children.


Her children and grandchildren proves how important well bred performance lines are for dressage horse breeding. The Holstein stallion Codex (by Carthago-Cor dela Bryère) who breeds in Belgium was awarded Elite Stallion status. In the fourth generation you find Landgraf I- Gotthard son, Landadel, who was also highly influential in Belgium. The pedigree is rounded off by the internationally esteemed thoroughbred stallion, Alcanar xx, and the Hanoverian mare Tamara, bred in Belgium, whose dam line is based on Sudan .  

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